Robert Nippoldt

»Mix Max Miezekatz« Robert Nippoldt

Ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt von der Ateliergemeinschaft Hafenstrasse, erschienen bei Carlsen, 2016, 42 Seiten, 15,7 x 22,8 cm, illustriert, Hardcover, ISBN 978-3551518873
Preis 14,99 €

In diesem Mix Max wird getobt, getanzt und geturnt. Sybille Suppenschön und ihre tierischen Freunde stellen die Welt auf den Kopf. Hier darf unendlich viel vertauscht, neu sortiert und gelacht werden. Ein großer Mix Max Spaß für Klein und Groß. Das dritte Atelierprojekt vom Atelier Hafenstraße in Münster im Carlsen Verlag: Mit "Mix Max Mietzekatz" haben 19 Ateliermitglieder ein einzigartiges und künstlerisches Mix Max konzipiert und gestaltet.

»Das total verbammelte super Tummelsurium der Tiere« Robert Nippoldt

Ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt von der Ateliergemeinschaft Hafenstrasse, erschienen bei Carlsen, 2015, 192 Seiten, 21 x 25,7 cm, illustriert, Hardcover, ISBN 978-3551518712
Preis 24,99 €

In diesem Tummelsurium tummeln sich nach Herzenslust tolle Bilder, Geschichten und Gedichte. Und sie haben alle etwas mit Tieren zu tun, mit großen und kleinen, mutigen und ängstlichen, gefährlichen und harmlosen, molchigen und strolchigen. Da wird gebammelt und gebrummelt, gestammelt und gemümmelt, geschwimmelt und geschummelt… Hereinspaziert!

»365 Geschichten und Gedichte für das ganze Jahr« Robert Nippoldt

Ein immerwährender Vorlese-Kalender von der Ateliergemeinschaft Hafenstrasse, erschienen bei Carlsen, 2013, 370 Seiten, 18 x 22 cm, illustriert, ringgebunden, Hardcover, ISBN 978-3551517975, Preis 19,90 €
Mit gut zehn Geschichten und Illustrationen von Robert Nippoldt

»Vorlesekalender für Kinder ab 4 Jahren«

Laut und leise, poetisch und erzählerisch, eine riesengroße Fundgrube an Ideen, Geschichten und Gedichten für den Morgen, den Mittag, den Abend. Eine Entdeckungsreise für Groß und Klein, auf 365 Seiten immer wieder neu und ganz anders. Ein riesengroßer Geschichtenschatz für die ganze Familie.

“Oh god, I look like an elephant.” Robert Nippoldt

A study project by Robert Nippoldt
Unpublished book, 2002, 98 pp., 25 x 16.5 cm, clothbound hardcover.


Stooped, seemingly inconspicuous and with a selective gaze, I look for my next victim. Old or young, male or female, it doesn’t matter, so long as it doesn’t notice anything. Or else the victims start, shy as fawns, at the sight of me and evacuate my field of vision. Over there! There’s one that doesn’t notice me eyeing it… “Keep nice and still!”… as I sketch away. Then everything moves quickly. A few glances must make do to capture the victim’s face, sometimes nice, sometimes awful and contorted. The pencil scratches on paper. Did it just catch on to something? Now it really is looking over to me. Thankfully I recognize it just in time to avoid the almost unavoidable eye contact. Nonchalantly I make several decoy glances all around, always with the victim in the corner of my eye. It still hasn’t noticed any of this. As it looks away again, I make a few more furtive glances, draw the last lines and done – I made it!

This, more or less, is how most of the sketches came to be; between lectures, presentations, in the cafeteria, or in the hallways of the Münster University design department – all worthwhile hunting grounds. Be it with pencil, fountain pen, felt-tip pen, ink pen, or ballpoint, I try to capture my victims’ features (all from the design department in Münster) in vivid and quick strokes. The book, Head to head, and the website are the results. Perhaps you were also captured in secret…

»Trans-America« Robert Nippoldt

A runner’s novel by Tom McNab, original English-language title Flanagan’s Run, translated into German by Verena von Koskull, published by Büchergilde Gutenberg, 2009, 552 pp., 22 x 14 cm, jacketed and clothbound hardcover, € 18.90.
Written by Tom McNab with jacket illustrations and design Robert Nippoldt.

“A super marathon straight through America in the turbulent 1930s.”

An epic novel full of passion, intrigue, humor and historical moments: a masterpiece of Anglo-Saxon storytelling of the best-known races of all time. It’s 1931 right at the height of the Great Depression: the sly promoter C.C. Flanagan organizes the super Trans-America cross-country marathon. A breathtaking competition straight through the languishing America of the 1930s begins. Some race for their lives: but only one person may win. For many it’s a race against unemployment and recession. A generous monetary prize and a secure livelihood are high stakes for the winner of the coast-to-coast run – which reaches from Los Angeles into the Rocky Mountains, through Al Capone’s Chicago all the way to New York. The race quickly transforms to a cut-throat competition for its runners. Among them the former union leader Mike Morgen, wanted by the FBI on account of suspected murder; the sprinter Hugh McPhail from the coal mines of Glasgow; an English lord; a team of Hitler Youths; a former burlesque dancer; and a young Mexican who must save his famine-plagued village by winning. But there can only be one winner…

Press reviews
“A milestone.”
The New York Times

»Cabaret heroes from Westphalia« Robert Nippoldt

A supplement to the Walter Gödden exhibition in collaboration with Nils Rottschäfer, published by Aisthesis Verlag, 2010, 288 pp., 28 x 22 cm, paperback with color illustrations, ISBN 978-3-89528-701-5, € 24.80.
Texts by Walter Gödden; design by Christian Büning; illustrations by Robert Nippoldt.

“Stupid stays stupid: popping pills won’t help.” – Fred Endrikat

The catalog reflects the exhibit’s retrospective of 100 years of Westphalian cabaret history. It’s dedicated to the cabaret heroes from Anno, popularity of which to this day has still not diminished. The catalog remembers Peter Hille of Berlin in the early 1900s – considered one of the German cabaret pioneers – whose support helped both Else Lasker-Schüler and Erich Mühsam make their early debuts. It remembers Detmold native Joseph Plaut whose cheerfully enticing “Plautereien” charmed hundreds of thousands. It remembers Fred Endrikat from Herne who was blessed with the talent of improvisation; and who was at home on Germany’s largest cabaret stage and followed in the steps of Joachim Ringelnatz as in-house poet of Munich’s legendary club Simpl. It remembers Peter Paul Althaus who set up multiple legendary cabarets in Schwabing and embodied the Munich bohemian lifestyle like no other at the time. It also remembers Jürgen von Manger whose buddy from the Ruhr Adolf Tegtmeier’s broken German portrayals are still reknown today. Finally the book remembers Erwin Grosche whose singular artistic presence was once recognized with the German cabaret prize.

Essays, original text excerpts, previously unpublished photos and documents plus insight to historical influences portray the early glamor of the cabaret genre and once again bring the cabaret heroes of yore back to life.

Featured cabaret heroes:
- Peter Hille
- Josef Plaut
- Fred Endrikat
- Peter Paul Althaus
- Jürgen von Manger
- Erwin Grosche

»Cleve« Robert Nippoldt

A book by Günni Hendricks, published in 2010, 192 pp., 28.5 x 24.5 cm, hardcover with color illustrations, ISBN 978-3-936813-005, € 32.00
Concept, photography and design by Günni Hendricks; illustrations by Robert Nippoldt.

A love letter to the city of Cleve

A magnificent illustrated book with over 450 photographs and illustrations plus interviews with city locals and youths about their everyday lives.
Published by the Cleve association for culture and history / The Friends of Schwanenburg society and with generous support of honorary member Karla Hartwig.

Press reviews
“Cleve has not had such a lovely book in over 20 years.”
NRZ, December 4, 2009