The Book Artist

A short film about the making of the book Hollywood in the 1930s.
Published by TASCHEN
Based on a true story
Filmed in Nippoldt's studio in Münster / Germany


The Artist: Robert Nippoldt
Girl: Christine Nippoldt
Publisher: Duniel Niehaus
Author: Daniel Kothenschulte

Director: Christine Nippoldt
Camera: Sven Kirsten
Music: Christian Manchen
Script: Christine Nippoldt, Robert Nippoldt
Extras: Tobias Glasmacher, Daniel Napp, David Ehlert, Günther Jakobs
Postproduction: Christine Nippoldt

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Internationale Filmfestivals

"The Book Artist" has been shown at many film festivals, including:
New York, Moscow, Paris, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Montreal, Jaipur (India), Cluj-Napoca (Romania).