GANGSTER - laying game

"Gangsters. The bosses of Chicago"
A game by Czarnè
With illustrations by Robert Nippoldt.
LudoArt Publishing House 2006
ISBN 9783836990974

Game idea: Frank Czarnetzki
Illustration, design: Robert Nippoldt
For 2 to 4 players aged 9 and up
Duration: approx. 25min

awarded with the games prize

  • Portner 2006, Essen

Rationale for the awarding of the prize.
In the face of a very strong year of games, certainly for many a surprise winner of my small alternative game prize awarded since 2001. "Gangster is, however, visually and graphically a very beautiful game, which converts the theme of the (picture-art) book of the same name by Robert Nippoldt, published last year by Gerstenberg Verlag, in a congenial way into a form of a game. A decidedly successful symbiosis of book and game. In addition, "Gangster" is also fully convincing in terms of game play and promises crackling suspense, especially in a two-person game.

Press comment
"LudoArt has published with "Gangster. The Bosses of Chicago" an excellent strategic small board game, which captivates just by its simple and short rules with simultaneous strategic variety"

  • Spielbox, December 2006