A Runner's Novel by Tom McNab.
Translated from English by Verena von Koskull
Published by Büchergilde Gutenberg
552 pages, 22 x 14 cm, hardcover, embossed cloth, dust jacket
Text: Tom McNab;
cover illustration and design: Robert Nippoldt.

"A super marathon across the seething America of the 1930s ".

A magnificent novel full of passion, intrigue, wit and heroic moments. Probably the best running epic of all time, a masterpiece of Anglo-Saxon narrative tradition. In 1931, at the height of the Great Depression, the dazzling promoter C.C. Flanagan hosts the Trans-America Super Marathon. A breathtaking race across the seething America of the 1930s begins. Some run for their lives, but only one may win. For many, it's a race against unemployment and recession. At the finish line of the race, which leads from Los Angeles over the Rocky Mountains, through Al Capone's Chicago to New York, the winners can expect high cash prizes and a secure existence. A merciless competition quickly breaks out among the runners. Among them are the former union leader Mike Morgan, pursued by the FBI on suspicion of murder, the sprinter Hugh McPhail from the coal mines of Glasgow, an English lord, a team of Hitler Youth, a former revue dancer and a young Mexican who can only save his village from starvation as a winner. But only one can win.

Press comment

"A milestone."
The New York Times