The jazz in Germany

Illustrationen für eine CD-Reihe
Bearfamily Records / Büchergilde Gutenberg
2007 / 2008

*awarded with the
Award of the German Record Critics, Berlin

Press comments

"So, in conclusion, I would just like to point out that the edition Der Jazz in Deutschland is also graphically successful, thanks to the great work of illustrator Robert Nippoldt, who has already proven with the book Jazz im New York der wilden Zwanziger (Gerstenberg Verlag) how well he understands this music."

  • Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine, Johannes Wächter, Munich

"The Edition Der Jazz in Deutschland is more than an outstanding standard work of German jazz history. Lively, it presents jazz culture in all its diversity, and provides long-lasting pleasure, as it invites and to read, listen and browse. Outstanding!"

  • ARTE, Matthias Schneider, Strasbourg

"Album of the Week" - "When you pick up the new release from Bear Family Records, you may not really believe the end of the CD. Jazz in Germany is the name of the new opulent series, it comprises a total of 12 CDs and documents jazz, its precursors over 100 years ago and its spread in Germany. Because what mp3 and Co. can't do, this CD collection demonstrates impressively: a well thought-out, well-researched overall concept and a lot of added value through informative and sophisticatedly designed booklets."

  • WDR5, Jörg Heyd, Cologne

"The result is impressive. The historical recordings sound in hi-fi quality ... Illustrations by Robert Nippoldt, musician photos and images of the record sleeves turn the four booklets accompanying the boxes into lovingly designed picture books."

  • Spiegel online, Hans Hielscher, Hamburg
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