Library of the Golden Twenties

Ten legendary novels of the 1920s
Published by ZEIT Verlag
Hardcover in slipcase, German,
Cover illustrations and design
by Robert Nippoldt

· Hans Fallada »Kleiner Mann – was nun?«
· Thomas Mann »Der Zauberberg«
· Irmgard Keun »Das kunstseidene Mädchen«
· Erich Maria Remarque »Im Westen nichts Neues«
· Erich Kästner »Fabian«
· Marieluise Fleißer »Eine Zierde für den Verein«
· Vicky Baum »Menschen im Hotel«
· Alfred Döblin »Berlin Alexanderplatz«
· Mascha Kaléko »Das lyrische Stenogrammheft«
· Kurt Tucholsky »Schloss Gripsholm«

The "Roaring Twenties" - an epoch, determined by a pulsating attitude to life, which turns out to be a dance on the volcano between dissolute pleasure and economic hardship. For literature, this period marked the beginning of a golden era, with the creation of books of unparalleled stylistic brilliance that are now part of the canon of international modernism. The new "ZEIT Library of the Golden Twenties" brings together 10 of these masterpieces by great authors such as Thomas Mann, Alfred Döblin and Irmgard Keun, which impressively reflect the life and attitude to life of the 1920s and early 1930s.

The turbulent big city life, the dream of great happiness, the search for the right action contrast with a brutalized society, a merciless economic crisis and the slow decline of the republic. With precise observations, poetic language, and timeless stories, the authors sweep the reader into the maelstrom of longings and fears, hopes and constraints of their time.

All volumes feature half-linen, gold title embossing, and ribbon readers, and have been exquisitely illustrated by artist Robert Nippoldt. Together with the elegant slipcase, the edition is a real gem for the bookshelf. The ZEIT-Extra: Each book contains an introductory afterword by a ZEIT author, which pays tribute to the literary significance of the work and discusses the life of the writer. A collection that no library should be without!

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