Ein rätselhafter Schimmer

Berlin of the 20s in a poetic amusement show

Artist meets Trio. With live drawings, rags and chansons from Marlene Dietrich, Friedrich Hollaender, the Threepenny Opera to the Comedian Harmonists, Robert Nippoldt and the Trio Größenwahn take you on a visual and sound journey through time.


Lotta Stein, Christian Manchen and Christoph Kopp have been successfully active in the music scene for years with various formations. As Trio Größenwahn they dedicate themselves entirely to the 20s and 30s. As virtuosic as respectful, they carry the classics of yesteryear into the present day with their snappy interpretations.

  • Live drawings: Robert Nippoldt
  • Vocals: Lotta Stein
  • Piano: Christian Manchen or Philip Ritter or Jakob Reinhardt
  • Double bass: Christoph Kopp or Julian Walleck

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A luring voice, a snappy bass, a swinging piano. This is music that feet want to dance to - and so do the paintbrushes! And they really do: live before the eyes of the stunned spectators, they conjure up an equally exuberantly dancing couple on the white screen to the beat.

The brushes are wielded with virtuosity by Robert Nippoldt and are not the only drawing tools that make their appearance in this special interplay of music and art. With chalk, pencil and ink, the Berlin City Palace is rebuilt in a few moments and the Memorial Church gets its roof back. Thanks to camera and large projection, the audience is very close - to every stroke that the artist's hand puts to paper with casual elegance.

The drawings projected onto the screen during the show are only part of the diverse repertoire. Impressively, a silhouette staging of Brecht's buccaneer Jenny emerges - in perfect symbiosis of sound, acting and image. The Comedian Harmonists disassemble a concert grand piano in visible and audible ecstasy. One strolls through the capital with alert eyes, and a slapstick number pays homage to the beginnings of the talkies. It is also amazing how one can get to know all the chancellors of the Weimar Republic in just three minutes.

All this is enlivened, commented on and inspired by the three fabulous musicians of Trio Größenwahn, who breathe new life into the classics of the time with verve and humor. Even an original antique keyboard instrument experiences a surprising second spring under the nimble hands of singer Lotta Stein.

It is the feeling of life of a special time between the world wars to which the four artists, dressed in period costume, devote themselves on this evening. A time that has lost none of its charm and welcomes us with open arms. If we accept this invitation, at the end of this enjoyable excursion we will have a glimmer of what it might have felt like back then - in the roaring twenties.

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Press comments

"A jewel of entertainment! Perfect match between ambience, image, sound, creativity and the magic of the Roaring Twenties. This is incredibly good and impressive in many ways!"
– Florian Hellbusch

»A perfect symbiosis of sound, acting and image«
– Bonner Rundschau

"Don't miss this amusement show! We guarantee pleasure at the highest level."
– Else Edelstahl, founder of Bohème Sauvage

"This "poetic amusement show", as the artists call it, will continue to tell story(s) even after the hype about Gereon Rath and Charlotte Ritter has died down. Lotta Stein sings the chansons - about kleptomania and sex appeal - as undisguisedly as if she had just escaped from the "Tingel Tangel Theater" to drop by the Pantheon. Her "buccaneer Jenny," accompanied by silhouettes, would also look good in 2020 in any "Threepenny Opera.""
– Generalanzeiger

"With Robert Nippoldt and the Trio Größenwahn and their program "Ein Rätselhafter Schimmer" these two arts complemented each other in such an excellent and above all unexpected way that at the end of the evening one had the feeling of having witnessed something so far unseen - no wonder there was a standing ovation!"
– Rheinische Post

"Nippoldt carefully mixes even the critical facts into his show. A well-mannered trio and a perfect technical staging thrilled the audience."
– Emsdettener Volkszeitung

"Before Berlin became a book, it became a live program with music and song and a cartoonist in an unusual role."
– WDR, Lokalzeit Münster

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