Gangster - board game

A board game by Thorsten Gimmler
With illustrations by Robert Nippoldt
Amigo Publishing House
For 2-5 players from 10 years
Game duration: approx. 90min

Chicago at the beginning of the 1930s. As a gangster boss, you drive through the city and skillfully place your gangsters in as many districts as possible to gain the upper hand. But what seems to be won at first is not untouchable! Gangsters can sometimes disappear temporarily in enemy trunks - or permanently in the harbor basin.
You know what strings to pull to gain the necessary influence? Then get in your limo and take on your rivals!

How to play Gangster.

  • Players take on the role of gangster bosses and try to have the most influence at the end of the game.
  • Each player gets the gangster tableau in his color, three movement cards, his car and 9 gangsters.
  • During the game, players use the movement cards to drive their cars through the different districts of Chicago.
  • Instead of driving on, players can also drop gangsters in a district to be better represented there. It is also possible to load your own gangsters back into the car if they are needed more urgently elsewhere.
  • In the districts there are scoreboards on which the gangsters are placed and which show how many influence points are to be gained there.
    Three times in the game there is a "day of reckoning". Here the players get influence points according to the majority on the scoreboards.
  • You can also annoy the other players a little by loading foreign gangsters into the trunk of your car and dropping them off at the harbor for a "Sicilian breakfast". There you can also get hold of special equipment for your car, which allows you, for example, to drive one district further than a movement card indicates.
  • After three "days of reckoning. the game is over and the gangster boss with the most influence wins.

100 gangsters, 5 cars, 5 influence markers, 15 movement cards, 13 district cards, 6 casino cards, 5 gangster tableaus, 15 scoreboards, 30 special equipment, 8 doubler markers, 3 overview tableaus, 1 game board, 1 game manual
Author: Thorsten GimmlerWarning: Caution! Not suitable for children under 36 months.

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