JAzz. New York of the roaring twenties

A book by Robert Nippoldt with texts by Hans-Jürgen Schaal
TASCHEN Publishing House
Hardcover, 21.6 x 34 cm, 1.30 kg, 224 pages (without CD)
*ISBN 978-3-8365-8669-6

The first edition was published by Gerstenberg Verlag, 2007
144 pages, 35 x 23 cm, illustrated in color, printed linen, hardcover, incl. CD with original recordings

Editions by TASCHEN Verlag:
ISBN 978-3-8365-8669-6 (Edition: German)
ISBN 978-3-8365-8471-5 (Edition: English)
ISBN 978-3-8365-8470-8 (Edition: French)

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Jazz fever truly reigns in New York in the 1920s. People swarm into the night clubs and dance halls. Louis Armstrong can be seen with the Fletcher Henderson Orchestra at the Kentucky Club, Duke Ellington performs at the Roseland Ballroom and the Cotton Club. Robert Nippoldt captures the excitement of this jazz age in his drawings and introduces the most famous jazz legends.

The brilliant illustrations are accompanied by the equally well-founded and entertaining text by jazz expert Hans-Jürgen Schaal, who reports on the club scene and band battles, as well as on big band lineups and legendary recordings.

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  • Stiftung Buchkunst 2008, Frankfurt: "The most beautiful German book".
  • Illustrative 2007, Berlin: "One of the most beautiful books in Europe".
  • D&AD Award, 2014, London
  • German Design Award, 2016, Frankfurt
  • International Book Award, 2014, Los Angeles
  • Joseph Binder Award, 2014, Vienna
  • A'Design Award, 2014, Como, Italy
  • Best American Infographic for "The Recording Sessions - A Sociogram," 2014, New York
  • Nomination for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, 2008, Berlin
  • European Design Award 2008, Stockholm, award for book layout
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Press comments

"Rarely has one held a book in one's hands that appears so accomplished and aesthetically attractive in its artistic design and at the same time captures the actual subject matter, jazz and its time, with such stylistic confidence."
– Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Frankfurt read article

"This book is one of the most original and imaginative works of art about jazz music to appear in a long time."
– All About Jazz, Skopje, Macedonia

"Whispering bars, bobbleheads and Art Deco... Artist Robert Nippoldt's drawings tell the compelling stories of the very great musicians of the jazz movement in Harlem - the book's protagonists include Bessie Smith, Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington, to name just a few."
– MANHATTAN Magazine, New York, USA

"For the connoisseur to enjoy, for the novice as an appetizer."
– DIE ZEIT, Konrad Heitkamp, Hamburg

"You can't prepare this epoch of jazz more beautifully. A gift for eyes and ears!"
– Roger Willemsen, publicist, author

"The lovingly designed graphic details form a fascinating unity with the entertaining texts, which take away from jazz much of its often said beer-serious intellectuality."
– Süddeutsche Zeitung, Munich

"The book is really great class."
– Götz Alsmann, musician, entertainer

"The whole book swings. The atmosphere is there, the music is there - now we just have to find a nice place, because with 35cm height the book never fits in the shelf with the jazz CDs."
– Wiener Kurier, Peter Pisa, Vienna, Austria

"The 30-year-old illustrator from Münster has resurrected the jazz greats of yesteryear in wonderful pictures."
– WDR WestArt, Cologne watch video

"Deeply his book delves into the New York of the twenties. Nippoldt evokes the spirit of the cool clubs and their exciting music in black-and-white drawings, to which he adds a little warm brown on the computer."
– Bayerischer Rundfunk TV, Munich watch video

"A non-fiction book probably can't come across more unusual and attractive."
– Deutschlandradio Kultur, Berlin read article

"Jazz to read: With an unusual illustrated book, graphic artist Robert Nippoldt has succeeded in capturing the masterpieces of jazz greats such as Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington in lively drawings and anecdotes."
– Spiegel Online, Jörg Diehl, Hamburg read article

"Doubly beautiful, thanks to the ingenious illustrations by Robert Nippoldt. Thus, the large format does honor to any coffee table, but is much too bad just to look at, because it is researched with dedication to the smallest detail."
– Brigitte, Hamburg

"This is a book you have to stroke."
– Freundin, Munich

"The book is a work of art. Its design, the paper, the loving and sensual layout, the music selection - an all-around experience... The paper feels sublime. A work for aesthetes."
–, Dortmund

"A sensual looking, reading and listening pleasure for jazz enthusiasts, New York fans, nostalgics or simply people who enjoy beautiful and clever things."
– SWR 2, Baden-Baden

"Jazz is a - literally almost haptic - feast for the eyes, and more, from 'Aufschneider' to 'Zampano' it delivers what it promises. The most beautiful thing that can happen to you after the new releases that have now grown into the 'astronomical': A title that grows beyond all expectations, even after the often-abundant advance notices."
– Univadis, David Niepel

"With these two books, the illustrator has achieved a small feat. He has created works for aficionados that will nonetheless be appreciated by the general public."
– Westfalenspiegel, Prof. Dr. Walter Gödden, Münster

"Definitely one of the most beautiful and also original books which have ever been presented on the subject."
– Dr. Rainer E. Lotz, Jazz Historian

"Lovingly, Robert Nippoldt and Hans-Jürgen Schaal introduce the gods of the first generation of jazz, such as Louis Armstrong or Fats Waller, and bring us back the New York of the first jazz clubs."
– Die Welt, Berlin

"If you will, this volume is one oversized, luxuriously designed booklet. Schaal's texts convey just enough of the information that one doesn't feel run over and that Nippoldt's playful illustrations are not deprived of their central role...Nippoldt succeeds in transforming the individual characters into small, precise icons that find their way into the texts and seem to literally dance between the words."
– Melodie & Rhythmus, Berlin

"In the publishing house TASCHEN, which is known for its excellent and great attention to graphic presentation, a book was presented for the first time in English these days, which turns into a picture, reading and listening experience. Jazz. New York in the Roaring Twenties. The book, with illustrations by graphic artist Robert Nippoldt and texts penned by jazz connoisseur Hans-Jürgen Schaal, is accompanied by a brilliantly compiled CD that brings a bygone, great era of jazz back to life."
– MDR Figaro, Jazz Journal, Leipzig

"Not imitating the style of the era, but paying homage to it. Not describing the characters, the protagonists, but paying homage to them. Places not enumerating, but transfiguring them. A hymn that is so lovingly crafted down to the last detail that it is a true joy. In spite of all the available composure: famos!"
– Der Standard, Vienna, Austria

"The well-founded texts are embellished by many an amusing anecdote...Thus the world of early jazz in New York comes alive."
– Jazz 'n' More, Urdorf, Switzerland

"If you are in the mood for both Boris Vian inspired L'Ecume des jours and Gatsby, this is a perfect find. Jazz is all around!."
–, Paris, France

"Jazz in the New York of the Roaring Twenties delivers an entertaining mix of drawings, facts, and anecdotes about 24 great musicians of the New York jazz scene of the 1920s. Awarded as one of the most beautiful books in Europe, its aesthetic makes an impression on jazz fans and jazz novices alike."
– Social & Personal, Dublin, Ireland

"Designed in sepia tones, the book contains illustrations of the most important jazz greats of the time."
– Sunday Express, London, UK

"Through its appealing design, the book provides an insight into the early beginnings of jazz and its formative developments. Recommended for the well-read jazz fan as well as the beginner.
– Post from the coast, Teignmouth Jazz Festival, UK

"I love this book. I was ecstatic when I opened it. The quality of the drawings is undoubtedly superb."
– BBC Radio, Claudia Winklemann, London, UK

"Every single page feels like an artist's portfolio. Every single jazz figure and their musical development is given due space. Even the early scene of the recording sessions in conjunction with the social context is carefully presented. A pure delight!"
– Jazzwise, London, UK

"A creative treat, just right for the jazz novice who enjoys good design. A feast for the eyes and ears."
– Londonjazznews, London, UK

"Jazz in the New York of the roaring twenties is a paean to the era of Louis Armstrong, smoky jazz bars, and Harlem dance halls. Together with author Hans-Jürgen Schaal, Robert Nippoldt brings the past to life."
– The Independent, London, UK

"Jazz in New York in the roaring twenties is a unique journey through music. Vividly, illustrator Robert Nippoldt captures the diverse personalities and musical developments of the 24 protagonists in this work."
– MR PORTER, London, UK

"This book is a must for any jazz enthusiast. By means of entertaining anecdotes and vivid pictures, 24 key figures of the 1920s New York jazz scene are lovingly introduced."
– Gear, New York, USA

"TASCHEN has once again published a beautifully illustrated book. All the big-name big bands and musicians of the era are detailed in this charming coffee table book."
–, New York, USA

"El libro, que ha ganado un prestigioso premio de ilustración por su edición alemana, es un repaso a todas las leyendas del jazz del siglo pasado con sociogramas, sonogramas y todo tipo de iconos didácticos."
–, Madrid, Spain

"Graphic designer tedesco con studio nella vecchia stazione di Muenster, praticamente il "village" di Berlino, Nippoldt rende omaggio con le sue illustrazioni al jazz degli Anni 20 e alla sua atmosfera effervescente, quando folle di appassionati riempivano le sale da ballo di Harlem e Louis Armstrong e Duke Ellington infiammavano il pubblico del Cotton Club. I testi di Schaal e un Cd raccontano i retroscena e gli aneddoti di quei tempi attraverso i ritratti, anche musicali, di 24 tra i più importanti esponenti della scena jazzistica newyorkese dell'epoca."
– Panorama Icon, Milan, Italy

– Numero, Shanghai, China

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