HOLLYWOOD in the 30s

A book by Robert Nippoldt and Daniel Kothenschulte
With colorizations by Christine Goppel

The German first edition was published in 2010 by Gerstenberg Verlag
160 pages, 35 x 23 cm, illustrated in color, printed linen, hard cover, ISBN 978-3-8369-2628-7

The English, French and Spanish editions were published by TASCHEN Verlag.

Nach dem preisgekrönten Erfolgsbuch Jazz lässt Robert Nippoldt nun das Hollywood der 1930er Jahre in seinen einmaligen Illustrationen lebendig werden. Der bekannte Filmkritiker Daniel Kothenschulte erzählt dazu unterhaltsam und anekdotenreich die Geschichten von Stars und Filmen, von Glamour und Schattenseiten.

Zwischen 1930 und 1940 entfaltete sich die legendäre Filmstadt in all ihrer Pracht und Widersprüchlichkeit. Künstlerische und technische Innovationen, Starkult und Ausbeutung, politische und mafiöse Verflechtungen, die Geburt der wichtigsten Kinogenres: Zwischen den letzten Stummfilmen Chaplins und der Explosion in Farbe im Zauberer von Oz spannt sich der faszinierende Bilderbogen dieses wunderbaren neuen Buches von Robert Nippoldt.


  • Award from the German Designer Club, 2011, Frankfurt
  • Red Dot Design Award, 2011, Essen
  • Nominated for the German Design Award, 2012, Frankfurt
  • "Film Book of the Year", 2010, Deutsche Kinemathek Berlin

Press comments

"Hollywood in the 1930s" is a perfectly staged coffee-table book that is convincing all along the line, both visually and in terms of content. Or to put it another way: it is as beautiful as Garbo, as elegant as Fred Astaire and as lively as the Marx Brothers. This epoch has certainly never been portrayed so light-footedly, so vividly, so wittily, but above all so originally."
– Deutschlandradio Kultur, Berlin read article

"Hollywood in the 1930s...features dreamlike illustrations by Robert Nippoldt that explain everything from film set work to the era's movie monsters."
– VanityFair, New York, USA

"This illustrated book takes the reader on a journey through what was probably the most fascinating decade of the dream factory. Illustrator Robert Nippoldt and film critic Daniel Kothenschulte have teamed up to pay tribute to this special time: with dreamlike drawings and exciting background texts. A book not only for fashion fans, but also for nostalgics and cineastes."
– Harper`s Bazaar, Munich

"For us, Hollywood is still a place of longing today, and reading this book will lead to increase these longings in us."
– Die Welt, Berlin

"Wonderful drawings in the style of movie posters from the 1930s - pure glamour."
– Deutschlandfunk, Cologne

"Charismatic and vivid, with all the magic and seductive energy of the tumultuous 1930s, book artist Robert Nippoldt and film critic Daniel Kothenschulte pay homage to the golden age of Hollywood. The drawings in the style of old movie posters, the abundance of loving details and entertaining portraits will make book lovers' hearts beat faster."
– Blouin Lifestyle, Singapore

"A great book!"
– Roger Willemsen, publicist, author

"From diagrams of the varying position of Jean Harlow's painted-on birthmark to portraits of the protagonists of the period in the style of the characteristic poster art bin to a double-page cartography of the illusionary land of California: The design of this volume conveys a sense of 1930s glamour and, despite its charming lightness, is always in the service of didacticism as well."
– Cut, Film Magazine, Cologne

"What Gerstenberg Verlag presents here is a golden compass through early film history. This book is a treasure trove and a gift for all film lovers."
**– Reading

"What Nippoldt and Kothenschulte have gathered of images and text between the two shiny gold book covers is simply masterful and a feast for the eyes."
– Books, Magazine, Kiel

"A walk of fame in golden portrait format. Until the final flap, The End is one of the
most beautiful books of the year."
– Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin

"Graphic artist Robert Nippoldt and film critic Daniel Kothenschulte have found a new way to put the myth into a book: as a picture story in the style of early comics and movie posters. The two have obviously given themselves a gift with the shiny gold cloth-bound book - enthusiastic, happy fans and connoisseurs who have put their own film on paper, credits included, of course."
– Monopol, Magazine, Berlin

"The texts speak in classic but unpretentiously modern language about equally classic but not-quite-modern cinematic phenomena. Browsing through them was fun ... and good old Tod Browning, nice to see he's not completely
– Tom Tykwer, film director, screenwriter, film producer

"In am delighted. Delighted. Melting with joyful bewilderment. As you can tell, this is less a review than a tribute, but Gerstenberg Verlag certainly deserves it, as they produce islands of the blessed in the sea of novelties time and again. And with Nippoldt's books, even the oases on the islands to boot."
– Through-the-Lens Blog, Carsten Tergast, author

"The big canvas for a delicate stroke of the pen."
– WDR Lokalzeit, TV, Münster watch video

"Hollywood in the 1930s is a tribute to artistic achievement and celebrated personalities in front of and behind the camera. Nippoldt's moving drawings enchantingly depict the magical and less magical world of Hollywood. A timeless keepsake of a bygone era."
– Toni & Guy Magazine, London, UK

"With his moving illustrations, Robert Nippoldt captures the scenes with all their allure, famous personalities, and their chasms."
– Curve, Lebanon

"A cool, glamorous, encyclopedic celebration of perhaps the most important decade in movie history -- the '30s. Robert Nippoldt's wood-cut style illustrations are frameable, jazz-age art and Daniel Kothenschulte's text is as knowing and alive as the decade itself. "Hollywood in the '30s bubbles like a post-prohibition champagne cocktail."
– Mitch Glazer, producer

"Over die rol van het Amerikaanse filmmekka als droomfabriek, zijn protagonisten en de toenmalige glamourcodes gaat Hollywood in the Thirties van illustrator Robert Nippoldt en auteur Daniel Kothenschulte."
– Weekend Knack, Brussels, Belgium

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