The Great Gatsby

A musical reading with live drawings.

In the style of Art Deco, book artist Robert Nippoldt has now created a magnificently illustrated new edition of this classic novel - and brings it to the stage with his program "The Great Gatsby - A Musical Reading with Live Drawings"!

In a mixture of live drawing art, reading and music, the illustrator and his ensemble - dressed in style and glamour - transport us to the legendary love story from 1925:
While actor Ari Nadkarni expressively and entertainingly recites selected passages from the novel, scenes and faces gradually emerge live through Nippoldt's hand from lines, brush areas, dots - made visible by camera and large projection.
Singer Lotta Stein and pianist Philip Ritter play the songs of the "Golden Twenties" and make the journey through time perfect: jazz, Charleston steps, golden glitter.

An entertaining evening that revives the glamour and decadence, but also the longing and tragedy of probably the most famous novel of the 1920s.

Duration: approx. 95 minutes (with intermission)


  • Robert Nippoldt (drawing, lecture, music)
  • Ari Nadkarni (reading, introduction)
  • Lotta Stein (singing)
  • Philip Ritter (piano)

Long Island in 1922: The splendid estate of the young millionaire Jay Gatsby is the place where New York's high society goes every evening in search of diversion. But the mysterious host himself has no interest in these lavish parties. Behind his dazzling facade he hides a deep longing for the one woman who is unattainable for him. A longing that becomes an obsession.

In his novel The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald paints a fitting portrait of the "Roaring Twenties," the 1920s in the United States marked by economic growth, Prohibition, crime, jazz and flappery. The book is rightly considered one of the most important works of American modernism.

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