Goodbye, Berlin

A book by Christopher Isherwood
translated from English by Kathrin Passig and Gerhard Henschel

With illustrations by Christine Nippoldt
Book design: Robert Nippoldt

Published by Büchergilde Gutenberg, 2018, 320 pages, illustrated, hardcover, ISBN 978-3763269181

The 1920s in Berlin: a dance on the precipice! In the role of a passive observer, Isherwood delivers portraits of dazzling, decadent, (over)life-hungry, but also disconnected and increasingly powerless characters that make the contradictions of the German metropolis during this time tangible. On the horizon looms National Socialism, whose precursors are already forcing their way into the lives of Isherwood's characters. But they close their eyes to the catastrophe and celebrate themselves out of their minds.