Robert Nippoldt

»The night is not just for sleeping.«

Roam the bright lights, the backstage whispers, and the brittle political consensus of 1920s Berlin. This uniquely evocative book brings together illustration from Robert Nippoldt, descriptive texts by Boris Pofalla, and a CD of 26 rare original recordings into one vivid portrait of the people, places, and ideas of an effervescent metropolis in a transformative decade.

Like a cinematographic city tour through time, Berlin of the Roaring Twenties takes in the urban scale and the intricate details of this transformative decade, from sweeping street panoramas, bejeweled with new electric lights, to the foxtrot and tango steps tapped out on dance floors all over town. With characteristic graphic mastery of light, shadow, and expression, as well as a silver-printing sheen, Nippoldt intersperses portraits with cityscapes, revealing the changing scenery and dynamic hubs of this burgeoning and rapidly industrializing capital, as well as the extraordinary protagonists that made up its hotbed scene of art, science, and ideas.

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Robert Nippoldt

»Night falls on the Berlin of the Roaring Twenties«

A book by Robert Nippoldt and Boris Pofalla
published by TASCHEN, 2020 (scaled-down new edition),
224 pp., 34 x 21,6 cm, illustrated, hardcover, without CD
€ 30
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»Night falls on the Berlin of the Roaring Twenties« Robert Nippoldt

A book by Robert Nippoldt and Boris Pofalla.
published by TASCHEN, 2017, (original edition)
224 pp., 37 x 23,5 cm, illustrated, hardcover, with CD
€ 50 (german edition out of stock)
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  • ADC Award, 2019, New York
  • German Design Award, 2019, Frankfurt
  • Indigo Design Award, 2019, Amsterdam
  • iF Design Award, 2019, Hannover
  • A' Design Award, 2019 Como
  • International Book Award, 2019, Phoenix
  • Econ Megaphon Award, Shortlist, 2019, Berlin
  • International Design Award, 2018, Los Angeles
  • Best Book Award, 2018, Los Angeles
  • Berliner Type Award, 2018, Berlin
  • Red Dot Design Award, 2018, Essen
  • ADC Award, 2018, Berlin
  • Joseph Binder Award, 2018, Vienna
  • International Creative Media Award, 2018, Meerbusch
  • Stiftung Buchkunst, Shortlist, 2018, Frankfurt

„Das Buch ist eine wunderschöne und originelle Hommage an eine Zeit, die dank einer Musik-CD mit Originalaufnahmen zum Gesamtkunstwerk für alle Sinne wird.“
– Focus, München, 12. Dezember 2017

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