Robert Nippoldt

A game that allows for true “target” shooting. – 9 mm cartridges included

In the wild Chicago of the 1920s, four gangs of nine mobsters struggle to gain control over the flourishing city of crime. With the help of their most influent gangsters, players strive for majority hold of all city districts. But be careful! If you get too close to the enemy, be prepared to dodge some serious bullets. The aim of the game is to rule the city and become Al Capone.

You’ll need tactics, strategy and cold-blood to become the boss of bosses in this gangster game. The game is in an 18 x 18 cm silkscreen printed wooden box. Contents include: “real” 9 mm bullet cartridges, a game plan, a mobster hierarchy list, wooden gangster game pieces, 36 stable thick puzzle pieces, a gangster postcard and authentic-looking newspaper clippings (rules and instructions in German, English and French).

Download game instructions, english [PDF]
Download game instructions, french [PDF]

Gangster. The Bosses of Chicago Robert Nippoldt

A game by Czarnè with illustrations by Robert Nippoldt
LudoArt Verlag, 2006, ISBN 978-383-69909-74
€ 29.90, Game concept: Frank Czarnetzki
Illustration and design: Robert Nippoldt
For 2-4 players 9 years and up
Duration: about 25 min.

• Portner 2006, Essen
Award comments:
Given that it’s been a game-laden year, this surprise winner of my small, alternative game prize awarded since 2001 may come as a surprise to you. “Gangster” is an aesthetically and graphically appealing game. The themed game congenially transforms the art book of the same name by Robert Nippoldt published by Gerstenberg last year: a successful symbiosis of book and game. Plus “Gangster” convinces as a game and promises a suspenseful tension in particular when played in two.

Press reviews
“LudoArt’s Gangsters: the Chicago bosses is a small yet exceptional strategy board game that stands out both for its simple and concise rules of play as well as the breadth of its strategic diversity.”
– Spielbox, December 2006